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Gipsy caravan holidays

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Bon cadeau

The gypsy caravan, a charming place to stay and a nomadic journey through Brittany.

Caravan, noun: a small wooden home on wheels, pulled by a horse to the sound of a guitar.


Dihan’s caravan can be traced back to Romania. We took our time to find the caravan that was just right for us, full of history and stories of its own. A caravan represents travel, the nomadic lifestyle, a wonderful musical culture and a special connection with horses… all things that we cherish at Dihan.


Caravans were and still sometimes are both the means of transportation and homes of the Rom community (or “successful, married men within the community”), a term used to cover a group of people with common Indian roots and with numerous different families in different locations (Tzigane, gypsies, etc.)


Dihan’s caravan is born of the love between man from Brittany and a woman from Romania (it’s true: wherever you go you’ll always find a Breton!), and their shared love for wood. This verdine (horse drawn carriage used by nomadic bohemians) has travelled to the Morbihan where it is an ideal destination for glamping in France, not far from the waves of the Atlantic ocean.



Caravan rental details: click here or on the photos below.