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Treehouse holidays - Unusual accomodation
Réserver nuit dans les arbres
Bon cadeau pour dormir dans les arbres

A night in the trees

In Dihan, lovely domain in Brittany full of unusual accomodations, close to the sea, three possibilities to sleep in the trees : treehouse, lov’nest and suspended tents…

Spend a night up in the trees et realise the dream you had as a kid!

Every kid has made a hut oneday ! In Dihan you can make the dream of sleeping in a treehouse come true, but with comfort and romantism!

our treehouses are integrated in the landscape in order to respect the environment.

Each one has her own personality and decor, and a lovely deck.

For lovers or families, te treehouse is a great adventure to live and an original excuse to discover the south of Brittany.

A pause in a aerial cocoon : the lov’nest, an very unusual accomodation…

Unique in the  west of France, the lov’nest is a round wooden spherical cabin on the treetop, with  a large cosy round bed…

Hanged closer to the stars, equiped with a  passerelle,  you’ll enjoy admiring the sky throught the zenital porthole.

Ideal place for à romantic Week end,  unusual present for an unforgetable stay, Dihan’s treehouses are waiting for you, in the middle of nature.


The peasure of  glamping in a transparent tent in a tree!

The eco-friendly camping combinated with the luxury of a SPA at the same time, it is possible! Our 1m50 suspended tents or for the treetops lovers   the 5m’s one… An unuasal accomodation for a small budget!

Whatever your choice is,  enjoy  getting high!

Toute l’équipe de Dihan est heureuse d’enfin vous retrouver au cœur de nos 25 hectares de nature préservée, en toute sécurité.


Nos nouveautés vous attendent : Ecolodges & Chalets spa, pour vos locations de vacances au milieu de la prairie.


Afin de pouvoir vous accueillir en toute sécurité mais toujours en convivialité dans nos chambres insolites et lodges, nous avons changé quelque peu notre mode de fonctionnement au quotidien…


Nos mesures sanitaires pour une escapade en toute tranquillité