Song & sophrology’s course

Les bienfaits de la sophrologie au service du chant

“Do you like to sing? You wish to discover your voice, to open other ways?

The combination of sophrology and singing allows you to explore these inner paths through practical workshops combining exercises around the voice and the body…

Come and live a unique experience born from the meeting of
Sophie LE ROY, Marie MARTIN and Franck LE MASLE…

Sophie LE ROY is a Sophrologist and singer. After having practised the profession of nurse for 10 years, she trained to become a Sophrologist. Sophie has been working in private practice for 7 years and takes care of children, teenagers and adults to give them tools to better manage stress and emotions, to reinforce confidence, to find calm and inner peace. An invitation to a more harmonious life…
Marie MARTIN is a singer-instrumentalist with an eclectic repertoire ranging from soul to jazz, through Spanish-French songs, and many others. Marie sang for 8 years in Paris, mainly for television and cinema studio sessions, and for 6 years in the United States on the New York and other stages. For the past few years, Marie has been teaching singing in private lessons or groups (schools, music schools, companies, or more occasionally for TV presenters.) Her New York experience in jams and with musicians constantly looking for a challenge has pushed her to surpass herself and allowed her to explore other ways of apprehending her singing and to free her fears, her voice and to get out of her “comfort zone.
Franck LE MASLE is a professional pianist and singer. Originally trained as a jazz musician, he has taken part in numerous projects in a variety of styles: Maloya, Funk, Soul, 70’s Rock, Jazz-Rock, Afro-Funk, Ethiopian Music, Latin Music, French Song…

Sophrology: towards a better daily life.
Sophrology is a psycho-corporal discipline of personal development. Created in 1960 by the neuropsychiatrist Alfonso CAYCEDO, it is based on techniques of breathing, dynamic relaxation, muscular relaxation, release of tensions and positive visualisation. Through regular practice, guided or autonomous, it allows you to better manage your stress and tame your emotions, to strengthen your self-confidence and your inner resources, to improve the quality of your sleep and recovery, to develop your concentration and memory, to reduce the impact of stress on your health, to be more attentive to your own needs, to take a step back, to live more in the present moment… It promotes a better knowledge of oneself and allows one to develop a more harmonious relationship with oneself and one’s environment and thus to find a global balance. Better in one’s body, better in one’s head, better in one’s life… better in one’s home… Singing and sophrology: towards a tool for self-realisation. The voice is the innermost expression of one’s personality, it has its own identity. Whether spoken or sung, vocal expression brings us back to our body, our deepest self. To work on one’s voice is to make the link between the body and the self. Neither in the doing, nor in the saying, simply in the being. Combining sophrology with singing, it is to reinforce one’s anchoring by a posture of rooting and inner observation free of any judgement, to reappropriate one’s breathing in order to give it its rightful place, to release useless tensions in order to overcome stress and better manage one’s emotions… Thus our true voice will be able to take its place, to reveal itself… “

This course is offered in collaboration with Dihan Evasion, for a stay with half board from 256€.

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