From Erdeven to the Ria d’Etel


Dunes and océan, islands and river : from Erdeven to the Ria d’Etel



Distances :   34,5 km/57 mn


Dihan-Kerhilio 9,1km/14mn


Kerhilio-Etel 8,5km/14mn


Etel-Saint Cado 5,9km/12mn


Saint-Cado-Ploëmel 11km/17mnk


A very nice trip in the middle of nature between the Atlantic Ocean beaches and the meanderings of the Etel river.



Make a left when you get out of Dihan in direction of Erdeven


When you pass by the café Rendez-vous des chasseurs, make a left on the first round-about  direction Kerhiennic-Crucuno.


You can stop for a poetic walk in the briton undergrowth, at the Crucuno cromlech   (you’ll see a sign on your right) and go standing stones of  the chaise of César. Discover megaliths in these   woods,  more modest than Carnac, but so mysterious ! The korrigans (pukish local pixies ) are not far.


5 to 15 mn up to the age of the walkers !


A bit further, Erdeven megaliths are  worth it for a walk (pla bellow).


Have a look to the  dolmen of Crucuno on your left when you pass by.


Then go on to the 4 chemins round about (outside secondhand market on your right), and follow the boulevard de l’Atlantique, to the Kerhilio beach.


Take the coastal road aloung the dunes, protected, and make pauses aloung the beach, have a swim in the waves or admire the kitesurfers.



Then go to Etel, ancient tuna seaport  where the river  mets up the sea. If you are hungry :


Le Bistrot du thon 6 Ruelle Quais. 02 97 55 32 50


Le chat qui pêche2 cours des quais


Ché Luz, 1 Cours des Quais 02 97 56 75 78/06 10 77 70 53.


Out of Etel in direction of Belz. Arriving at the round about of Pont Lorois à Belz (overhanging the river and the islands), take on the right in directio of the city center. Look on your left  for the indication Saint Cado. Typical briton Panorama between the little house of the Nichtarguer in the middle of the river, and the Saint Cado island  that you will reach by a stone bridge  (its legend  is writen down in the chapel…). This part of the ria is also for a sub-paddle stand up ballad. One of our favorite place in the south of  Morbihan.


Toeat something or have a drink try  les Algues Marines (8 place Pen Er Pont. 02 97 55 33 30)


To come back drive across Belz, and take the direction of Ploëmel. On the way, vyou can stop at the Potery L’Ecume de Terre (