The most beautiful beaches of Brittany


Morbihan a breton word means « little sea » to be formed in a area xhere we benefit from a micro climate and also in the most sunny part  of this area of Brittanywhich affords us a very pleasant way of living. So, come to Dihan so that you can explore he surroundings – discover our beautiful beaches, our typical county markets. All this within, near proximity between Carnac, Quiberon, and Lorient ; and all this within about ½ an hour from Dihan.

For sea lovers, our preserved white sand beaches or the quiberonese wild coast is a must. We are proud to have the 8 most beautiful beaches in Morbihan (up to us!)


Kerhilio to Erdeven (7 kms – 14 minutes from Dihan)

For the more sportive, a kite sport along the 11 kms of fine sand which goes from Quiberon to the « barre of Etel ». The coastal path leading to etel is well maintained. Aso the lover’s walk towards the « barre d’Etel », where you can profit of the isolation of the sand dunes. So romantic ! The gentil winf and the constant music of the waves – ideal ! The typical beach snack will provide a variety of refreshments.


The wellknown beach of Carnac (8kms-12minutes)

The reputation and beauty of this seaside resort is already well etablished. Games and clubs for kids making it an ideal stop for families. This downtown offers cafés, restaurants, shops and all kinds to the delights of the wholoe family.


The Men Du in Carnac

There the small beach leads to the small island of « Stuhan » with it’s cristal clear waters.on this beach, of smaller size, children are always in the eyesite, thus, perhaps ore convinient for the parents.



The Whitesands in Plouharnel  (7,7 kms – 10 minutes)

This beach of white sand is just at the entry of the « Quiberon peninsula». Good spot for kiting (beginners and experts). Surrounded by the ocean ! To avoid the seasonal trafic, why don’t go there by the « tire-bouchon »(corkscrew)- a small train that can be taken in Ploëmel – where dihan is located. A pleasant adventure in itself !



Beach « de la jument » in Quiberon

At the extreme point of the Conguel, on the most savage and natural beaches of  Quiberon, you will find a magnificient view of the small surrounding islands. Ondulating dunes… Do not miss on your way back a walk along the wild coast…


The beach of Locoal Mendon


The beach of the ria ( a mixture of salt and sweet water). Little sand and lots of pebbles. Shallow water but considered as a secret comer for the locals. Good place to be far from the maddering crowds. Visit to the local church and crêperie recommended (9.2 kms, 12 mns)


And several others lovely places : the gulf of morbihan considered as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Belle île, the vast convexe beach of Groix :  don’t hesitate to tell us about your favourites !


Dihan wishes you a nice memorable holiday in the Morbihan!