Tourism in Bretagne : the golfe du Morbihan islands


The most beautiful bays in the world 2 : the Golfe du Morbihan islands



To the Golfe du Morbihan islands, several possibilities:

Without taking the boat : Berder island.


Distance: 30,7 km/ 32mn


When leaving  Dihan right,  Auray direction. At the round about, take Vannes direction.  Then the exit Ploeren/Arradon/Larmor Baden. Then Larmor Baden up to the signs Berder.


This 23 hectares island, is ideal for a nice walk in a 30’satmosphere in the middle of the maritim pines. You can reach it by low tide only.


Nice for kayak and sub paddle (non starters  because  the stream is strong). A  restaurant/café in front of the island –La Folie Berder (53 rue de Berder-56 870 Larmor-Baden 02 97 29 11 02



L’île aux moines : discover it by bike.


Distance : 29,2 km/ 29mn + traversée bateau 5mn (départ toutes les 15 mn)


Leaving  Dihan, right,  Auray direction.   On the 4 voies round about take  Vannes. The the exit Ploeren/Arradon/Larmor Baden.


Then follow Baden, Port Blanc, Ile aux moines.


you can bring your bikes on the boat or hire some on the island. 15kms of cyclable paths.


7 km long for 3,5 km large and 310 ha. A cross form, it belonged to monks but they never lived on it.


For the little story,  the girls of this island were always allowed to chose their husbands by themselves. They were the economical pillar because nearly every man was a long court sailor…



Sailing on the Golfe du Morbihan : charming and zen


Another fantastic way to discover this place, maybe the best :  embark  with Nicolas Bourdy on the board of his tall ship Fal Ben. A very special experience


Contact Belle plaisance, Nicolas Bourdy (24, chemin de Gravellic – 56610 ARRADON – Tel. 02 97 44 80 91-



 The golfe du Morbihan tour by ferry to see nearly everything.


For example from Larmor Baden with  Izenah – Golfe Croisières (Port Blanc 56870 Larmor-Baden 02 97 26 31 45)


Distance : 29,2 km/ 29mn + traversée bateau selon choix du tour.


Leaving Dihan, right,  Auray direction. At the round about of the 4 ways road, take  Vannes direction. Then the exit  Ploeren/Arradon/Larmor Baden.


Follow signs Baden, Port Blanc. Embarcadère quai de Port Blanc.


Differents compagnies : from Larmor Baden, Locmariaquer, Vannes, Auray. Careful Port Navalo on the presqu’île deRhuys is much further, especially during the summer because of the traffic). Follow this link to make your choice:

Visite du golfe du Morbihan (cliquer ici)



Walking around the golfe du Morbihan à pied : the walkers paradise.


180 km of trail ! Description here :