Tourism in Brittany : discovering Belle île


Morbihan islands : journey to Belle île-Houat-Hoëdic


Distance : 23,6 km/33mn to the embarcadère (maritim station in  Quiberon)+ crossing


– Crossing to Belle île : 30 to 45 mn in function of the boat


– Crossing to Houat ou Hoëdic : 45 mn

Compagnie Océane (08 20 05 61 56 – )

or 20 mn by helicopter !  Liaison aérienne02 97 44 68 21


Belle île en mer has got a destinated name. Beautiful landscapes : Sauzon, the pointe des Poulains, the Sarah Bernhard fort, the Donnant beach , the Aiguilles of Port-coton. But be careful, its big (9kmX 20km : the bigger breton island) and hilly . One day cycling is not enough, evenb for the sportivs ! So stay longer or be ready visit only some place, or rent a car or scooter.

Houat 3,3km X 1,5. Saint Gildas with its colourful boats and  fish racks , and golden sand beaches (pointe d’En Tal an amazing and very rare convexe beach), cliffs et turquoise sea, plenty of nature!


Hoëdic  2,5km X 1km . Charming end of the world.  150 inhabitants, mostlyfisherman families… Small creeks, moor and sea, just like we like it in the e Morbihan. A few shops   (a crush on  Chez Jean-Paul, restaurant-librairy -Le bourg, 02 97 57 42 26). No ATM, no cars… ( hapiness for  nature lovers and families with young kids)