Tourism in Brittany : from Carnac to La Trinité sur mer


Carnac and La Trinité sur mer near Dihan guesthouse in Morbihan


Distance :  37,4km/ 59mn


Dihan(Ploemel)-Standing stones Carnac 7,4km/10mn


Standing stones CarnacCarnac beach 3,3km/9mn


Carnac beach-La Trinité sur mer 3,7km/7mn


La Trinité sur merAuray 13,4km/20mn


AurayDihan (Ploëmel) 9,6km/13mn


Make a right when going out of  Dihan ( at the end of the street) and take first right in direction of  Carnac. Staight on on the round about of the  purgatoire that crosses Quiberon’s route. The take towards the  Menec standing strones (ilt’s  pointed out ). These are part of the 4 km and of the  4000 standing stones of this place (one of the bigger in the world). Get lost by following their rows…


The best way to visit this place  (especially with kids) is according to us the one you can make with Hervé Le Maguer,  a local, with his horse, called Olympe, and cart. He tells good stories! (10€/adult ,5€/kid. Départure on the salle du Menec parking.)


It’s alos the place to stop to taste a nice galette (salted pancake)  to have lunch at  the  crêperie du pressoir (Avril à septembre-Ferme du Ménec : nice place with standing stones around the smal garden, ideal with children because they can play outside.


Follow the road to Carnac ville,then to Carnac Plage.


Very lively during summer (boutiques, cafés et nightclubs), much calmer the rest of the year ! It is still a nice place to eat an ice-cream and go to the beach. Our favorite beach in Carnac? The Men Du, a bit further on the way to  Trinité sur Mer, for its small island that can be reached the low waters.


If it’s more time for a hot chocolate, go to the Memes Tra (3 avenue Miln. 02 97 52 26 87), in front of the main beach or go to the Trinité sur Mer by the coastal road, to drink it A l’étage (Cours Quais, 02 97 59 56 12), au bout du port. Superb view  on the harbour and its sailing ships, on the deck when the weather is nice.  You can have lunch. La Trinité sur mer is the meeting point of the sailing, famous departure of various  regattas and the sailors Mecca” .  Take a walk aloung the quay, and a stop at the Plisson (the sea photograph) Shop.


Pour manger des fruits de mer, le bistro du marin (34 Cours des Quais 02 97 55 73 23), restaurant à la terrasse en pointe et vue sur le bout du port ou Chez Jaouen dégustation de fruits de mer en buffet à volonté le midi (Kernivilit – Pont de Kerisper. +33 (0)2 97 30 00 24. du jeudi au dimanche entre mars et novembre et tous les jours entre juin et septembre), sur de grandes tablées et vue sur la rivière.


You can then come back to Dihan by Crach’s route, in direction of Auray, and make a stop at the factory shop La Trinitaine (Kerluesse 56470 Saint-Philibert,,  a local family, where you will fine a all lot of typical products from Brittany : something to bring back for your kids, parents, and uncle, aunt, cousins, neighbours and others!

A couple of nice secondhand markets aloung this road (the Bouche à oreille, with créations too, another one with an english red phone cabin  and the one near the small bridge). When you arrive in Auray, visit Saint Goustan (cf. balade Auray-Le Bono) or come back to Dihan,  to tell us  about your day !