Tourisme in Britanny : the golf du Morbihan and its megaliths


The most beautiful bays in the world 1 : the Golfe du Morbihan and its mysterious megaliths (from Locmariaquer)



Distance: par la Trinité sur mer

18,5 km/ 28mn + boat for Gavrinis (15mn)


Dihan/La Trinité sur mer : 9,6km/14mn


La Trinité sur mer / Locmariaquer : 8,9km/14mn


Leaving  Dihan, right. Then follow the signs Carnac on your right. On the left on the purgatoire round about the one which crosses  Quiberon’s route (unless you want to visit  Carnac first -cf balade de Carnac La Trinité, in that case go to La Trinité/mer by the coastal road). Then take  la Trinité sur mer direction on your right. After the harbour , take the  Kerisper bridge and  Locmariaquer direction.


Go and see the big broken stone (grand menhir brisé), amazing and at the  pointe de Kerpenhir, that offers a spendid view on the  ocean and the Golfe du Morbihan : l’île de Méaban, Houat, Hoëdic, presqu’île de Rhuys and port Navalo. In Locmariaquer you’ll find the landing stage for Gavrinis island(Cf. Lien ci-dessous) where the  cairn and its curved stones are incredible, so does the view on the  Golfe du Morbihan.


To come back to Dihan you can use the same way back or  by  Auray (Cf. Balade Auray-Le Bono) .