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Treehouse holidays - Unusual accomodation

Packed Lunches

To take the most of your holidays and no longer move from the nest!

Aperitif and dinner can be offered in our tree top accommodation during your unique stay in Brittany, Morbihan.


For that unique night in Brittany, raise your glasses to toast this new experience either in a Mongolian yurt, or in a tree house in the company of you family, friends, partner… Depending on the hamper you have chosen, you may make the happy toast with French wine, or bottle of well-known cider from Carnac, or the ultimate champagne! This will be a wonderful surprise to mark your visit and a memorable way to remember your stay for your friends and family.


Campaign welcoming hamper
Wine (red, pink or white) or organic cider from Carnac, crisps: 12 euros for 2


VIP welcoming hamper
Champagne (37, 5cl), appetizers: 32 euros for 2


Gourmet hamper
For a group’s meal or for one which is more intimate and romantic, and in order to enjoy their unusual accommodation, book your gourmet diner so you could enjoy it under the stars and the moonlight. So, go ahead, for your romantic evening on the glow of campaign, surrounded by the beauty of our Brittany country side (prices are quoted in the further paragraph).
Starter / warm dish /dessert/wine or organic cider from Carnac: 30 euros/adult, – 20 euros/child (8-16 years old)
Off starter for toddlers: 12 euros/toddlers (less than 8 years)

Nos nouveautés 2020

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