Bubble tent high in the trees

95€ / night

2 persons

4 m

Type of access
passerelle semi-rigide


  • 1 double bed (round mattress with a diameter of 2m10)
  • Dynamo lamps
  • Picnic table
  • No water or electricity
  • Dry toilets
  • Access to sanitary facilities
  • Breakfast basket
  • Bed linen and towels not provided (please bring your own sleeping bag)

Aperitif (champagne, wine or cider)

Basket meal
Facilities and activities


Bar Lounge

Permaculture garden


Spa area

Bike rental




Booking and availability

Our 4 bubble tents are located 4 meters above the ground and are ideal for spending a night in the forest. This camp is set up in a superb maritime pine forest near Carnac / Quiberon. They are spaced 15 metres apart from each other.

The place is perfect to enjoy a romantic night under the stars while being protected in the tent.

You can discover the fauna and flora from the inside.

In the middle of a protected forest area (Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux centre), equipped with a large, round, comfortable mattress, these tent-nests in the trees are transparent spheres (made of crystal plastic material) that can be completely or partially closed, for light and privacy, by a “curtain” fabric.

An ecotouristic stay for a moment with family, lovers or even friends, which will please young and old alike…


Enjoy nature 100% with a night in a bubble!

Half of the natural area of Dihan, between Carnac and Quiberon, is made up of woods: hundred-year-old oak and chestnut trees, maritime pines typical of Morbihan and marking the proximity of the sea, moors with golden flowers and heather… A beautiful heritage of Brittany that we wanted to make our guests discover

It is so that our hikers can take advantage in a privileged way of the part of the site of DIHAN in protected natural space that we suspended light bubbles for nature but comfortable for the man.
These bubble tents, thanks to their transparency, allow us to take full advantage of the environment and an unusual night with a view of the stars, the fauna and the flora of the surrounding area.

This is how the Dihan Camp was born: an unusual campsite with the European ecolabel for sleeping in the trees in the heart of nature.

Suspended at 4.5 metres from the ground. A bit of an adventure to get there via the net bridge, but the reward, from the suspended terrace, of a rural panorama that would make any naysayer adopt Celticism! To be tried out with your partner among our tree houses…


The joys of glamping in a bubble tent near Carnac and Quiberon …

Sleeping in the trees in a bubble tent is not quite like classic camping. A round and soft mattress, a panoramic view, far above the hard ground, but also services to pamper our guests. Glamping offers you well-being, comfort and luxury in an ecotourism context.

Sleeping “under the stars”, yes, but in style and comfort! And why not have a champagne aperitif and a gourmet lunch. And when you wake up, what could be better than a visit to the private Spa by Dihan where hammam, sauna, herbal tea room and world massages with the scent of travel await you?


Spend an unusual night in a bubble

For a romantic weekend, sleep in a bubble or the promise of an unusual experience for lovers of starry nights. Transparent or semi-crystalline, this soft envelope invites you to dream of a night in a natural setting. It is the ideal accommodation to sleep under the stars between two equinoxes and to get closer to nature. The transparency of the bubble creates an exceptional setting; an immersion in the heart of a wood; pines, squirrels, owls, deer, vault of heaven…

At the same time design, comfortable and ecological, the bubbles with their rounded shapes offer a magical moment and a rural experience to nature lovers.

An exceptional gift to reinvent the night under the stars

Offer a magical night in a transparent bubble to your loved ones; give them the opportunity to live a unique experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. This original concept is a change from classic hotel rooms, this new form of bubble room creates unlimited access to nature during a break. Somewhere between a Lov’nid and a campsite, the bubbles will make them melt into nature and turn into an observatory…
These cocoons of incomparable comfort, with their mattresses for sleeping peacefully in the middle of nature and their curtains for the most timid, are suspended 4.5 metres above the ground so that they give the impression of hovering.
Their only companion? The stars above their heads…