Why make an unusual night?

Pourquoi réaliser une nuit insolite ?

Getting off the beaten track and organising an unusual trip  inFrance: yes, it is possible! In order to offer new experiences, a good number of tourist operators are now offering unusual accommodation styles. And if sleeping in a tree house or in a transparent bubble under the stars can sometimes make you sceptical, the concept is successful and appeals to most people.

What is an unusual night?

An unusual night is a beautiful experience shared with family or friends. Without this sharing, even the most unusual night would be useless futility. At first sight, the concept of an unusual night calls for a place that is out of the ordinary, that comes close to the “never seen”. This place, which is particularly different from its usual environment, should essentially allow you to break your habits and experience something new. However, a performance may be highly unusual for one person without being truly unusual for another. Opinions may vary on the definition of an unusual night.

A departure from traditional activities

An unusual trip should allow you to try unusual activities, such as sleeping in a tree house, a yurt, or a cottage in the countryside. It is an opportunity to experience something new, and to feel stronger emotions than those experienced during a stay in a natural hotel. The thrill of spending a night on a platform suspended along a cliff face is sure to provide memories that a simple night in a hotel will not.

Get away for a weekend

If travelling is a break from the daily grind, organising an unusual romantic night in a tree house, with a Jacuzzi and a view of the surrounding countryside, is a real escape in itself. What’s more, you don’t always have to travel miles to break the routine. The experience of an unusual night is quite possible, even just a few minutes from home. There is certainly an unusual escape offer that suits you on the web.

Unusual night out means comfort and conviviality

Many travellers are sceptical about the idea of trying an unusual overnight stay because they are used to the luxury offered by hotels. However, spending a night in a yurt, a caravan or a tree house offers exceptional comfort. In addition to encouraging a return to nature, an unusual night opens the door to an original adventure, combining several activities at once. It allows you to live an unforgettable experience, without Smartphone, Wifi or TV, but always in joy and happiness.

Going far away without leaving home

Travelling to the end of the world is a dream that many people hope to live one day. Unusual accommodation is both an economical and ecological solution for travelling without breaking the bank. Spending an unusual night without having to travel very far is now possible thanks to the different types of unusual accommodation available in France. Authentic places that allow you to completely disconnect from everyday life, while remaining close to your home. In addition, there is such a wide range of activities to choose from that it is impossible to be bored when choosing this type of holiday.

An unusual night for every occasion

For the romantic, an unusual night for two can be an opportunity to celebrate an anniversary. For others, an unusual night out can also be the start of a new life, a proposal or a wedding night after the wedding. In any case, all occasions are good to organize an unusual night. This type of stay allows you to discover new ways of travelling