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Treehouse holidays - Unusual accomodation
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Yurt holidays

Passionate about travel, hearing the call of the Mongolian roots of this unique place to stay, not far from those of Myriam, we were seduced by the blissfulness of this nomadic home, round and full of symbols. The tonoo -central pillar – forms a link between land and sky. The yurt comes from the harsh lives of the nomadic cattle farmers who followed their herd, also offers a nod to the history of the farm when our grandparents raised Breton blackfoot cattle instead of goats. Dotted around the Dihan meadow, which feels like a scaled down version of the Mongolian steppes, inhabited by horses (or horses are on holiday too!), our yurts with high quality furniture with many intertwining colours, come from the south of Ulan Bator. They are manufactured and exported (by a Breton married to a Mongolian, no less!), bringing fresh economic life to this ancient nomad community. It is a surprising, harmonious hideaway for these yurts.


A romantic glamping weekend? A family holiday? A little piece of Mongolia in Brittany, travel to the ends of the Earth in theMorbihan, an idea for unique holidays or outdoors holidays between Carnac and Quiberon awaits with a relaxing Spa and fun outdoor activities.

Toute l’équipe de Dihan est heureuse d’enfin vous retrouver au cœur de nos 25 hectares de nature préservée, en toute sécurité.


Nos nouveautés vous attendent : Ecolodges & Chalets spa, pour vos locations de vacances au milieu de la prairie.


Afin de pouvoir vous accueillir en toute sécurité mais toujours en convivialité dans nos chambres insolites et lodges, nous avons changé quelque peu notre mode de fonctionnement au quotidien…


Nos mesures sanitaires pour une escapade en toute tranquillité