Sauna – Hammam


Sauna and hammam at Dihan, unusual accommodation and spa in Morbihan.


Sauna and hammam are known to give your body a break wellness well-deserved, and it regenerates your body thanks to a thorough cleaning. Relaxing and purifying, these wet or dry heat baths evacuate stress and toxins, by opening pores of the skin. It also releases the muscles through intense sweating. Access to a shower to freshen up is a needed step for the phenomenon of vasodilation/vasoconstriction: blood circulation is activated and your body should be relaxed.


Sauna or hammam? Take the plunge, you will enjoy it. In any case, the two are particularly recommended after a working day or physical exertion. Spoil yourself, offer yourself a break, you deserve it: the hammam or sauna will relax you allowing you to enjoy more fully your holiday or week-end. Try it after hiking around the Gulf of Morbihan, or your stand up paddle or kite-surf experience. (no soreness!).


Hammam and sauna encourage relaxation, romance, and serene sleep. Just like our charming guest houses…


Ideally, hammam and sauna can be combined with rituals massages in order to boost their profits and your pleasure. Privatization is a luxury allowed by unusual guest houses and accommodations. This Spa area By Dihan also offers you the possibility to drink a hot drink in our lovely herbal tea room. A precious place of wellness in South Morbihan, in Brittany.


Hammam with oriental tradition


Very present in the countries of North Africa, the hamman emits moist heat that encourage physical and psychological relaxation. The hammam of Dihan, private for our guests, makes you dream about travel, thanks to the natural beige and pink hues stone mosaics. Our hammam is, of course, a traditional one, which includes a refreshing shower unit.


Hammam offers a variable temperature between 5 ° C and 50 ° C, and fine droplets drip from the ceiling. The steam gives the impression of being in a fog. For these reasons, the hammam seems more bearable, but in reality, because of humidity, we feel more intensively moist heat than dry heat because water is a better conductor than air.


Sauna from Finnish origin


Just like the kota, wooden chalet of Dihan, the sauna comes from Finland and its heat is dry. Our sauna is private for our guests and is made of a small room, a sort of intimate cabin of untreated wood with terraced benches of clear wood. To maintain a good temperature (around 90 °C), the room is heated with a stove of volcanic stones which keep and diffuse heat. You can occasionally throw water on the stones. It evaporates instantly, to increase the intensity of the dry heat. A private space which allows you to change and alternate your sauna sessions with cold showers in the bathroom intended.


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