Welcome to Dihan’s, unusual guestrooms in Brittany

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DIHAN welcomes you to Brittany in south Morbihan…


We would be thrilled to welcome you in our ancient family farm of 25 hectares in the heart of our beautiful Brittany countryside, which has been given the “european ecolabel” classification.

Created 10 years ago by Myriam and Arno, a young couple in love with nature and travel. Here you will discover an unuasal site, full of history, chere each guest room from different parts of our world will immediately transport you to a new and exciting environment away from the “toils and troubles” of the modern world. You deserve it!

We will put at your purposal a multitude of functions to help you  find that state of well being.

Spa, sauna or hammam, massages , rand, biking, stand up paddle and kite surf, of course all this under a professional supervision.

We hope you will enjoy your stay and that it will truly be for your a lovely Pause, because that’s what mean Dihan in Britain langage : the “Break”!