Dihan Evasion, a family story

The grand parents farmhouse, the discover of a book on treehouses, and a vivid imagination : Dihan was born.

“Kerganiet” is the name of our small and pitoresque village. It can also provide confortable “chambres d’hôtes” in a typical village atmosphere!



“This family affair” created with a certain passion in order to continue the long history of the “Madec” family in this village.


In fact, the farm itself dates from the 16th century – previous that the romans were present- their chapel on the hill and their roman fountain which still exists and xhich has been renvated. These facts were established by the discovery of an ancient document whilst helping to move the library books of the local church. The 2 treehouses Baman and Pradan are perched above the roman fountain : really magic!



Jean and Anna Madec, the grand parents, now in the sunset of their lives, but still full of energy and good will, will be delighted to meet you for a quick hello.


They worked in the farm by producing milk, vegetables, pigs and rabbits until 1980. They worked by ancient traditionnal way, all by hand, “blood sweat and tears”, for a time with Margot, the dedicated and faithfull farm horse. By 1980 agruculture modernises and the farm is no longer economically viable, plus the fact that after years of dedicated work has to cease their activities. The farm, the buildings anf fields start to fall into a ruin.


It is why Myriam and Arno, lovers of nature, refuse to say die. Born, at that moment, the project of Dihan, to the great delight and hapiness of the grand parents who see the revival of their farm. Enormous challenge requiered courage, passion and lots of hard work. Their aim way to revive the farm and at the same time to create an environment whereby offer people an opportunity to harmonise with nature after having a memorable stay at Kerganiet.


Dihan will put at your disposal:


-7 unique, original and different treetop houseswere occasionaly, the curious birds popo in to say a little hello. These, naturally, have been built by professionals and respect their “hosts” ( the trees!) and the norms.

-a colourful  gypsy caravan, fully equiped  dry toilets, wherre you can imagine the liberty of a nomad life

-the mongolian yourts, with its authentic decor, will transport you to the stepps od Mongolia.

-the transparent bubble tents, perched in the trees, will make you sleep amongst the stars

-the “laponian” chalet, the koota, used by the hunters and fishermen of the great North will again transport you to another part of the world

-the “love nest” a frnch concept from the south west is cosy and romantic. The love nest is a confortable spherical wood  room suspended in the nature.

-the “Casa mirabilia”, a german concept of an artist proving that nongeometrical structures can much more attractive! Ideal for the romantics.



Once again, welcome to Dihan…our aim to do our utmost so that your stay is a memorable moment anfd that you leave us with a smile, relaxed and contented.