Morbihan beaches not to be missed

Brittany's most beautiful beaches

Dihan unusual accommodation in Morbihan, a stone's throw from the beaches..
White sandy beaches, dunes or wild coasts, quiet coves and stretches of ocean, the diversity of the coastline near Dihan will delight all sea lovers.
Here's a small selection of our favorite beaches..

The 8 most popular beaches in South Morbihan!

Kerhilio in Erdeven(7km-14mn from Dihan )
The region's must-see kite spot, in the middle of the 11 km of fine sand that stretch from Quiberon to the Etel bar.
The small coastal road to Etel is a must-see (start on the right of the parking lot when facing the sea). You can also take a long romantic walk towards the Etel bar and sit back against the dunes, so romantic! When the wind picks up, this is the ideal beach for sports enthusiasts and big kids who love waves..
The little café opposite the parking lot has all the charm of a beach bar for a drink or a bite to eat, and at the height of the season, there are food trucks along the road for an impromptu picnic.

La Grande Plage in Carnac (8km-12mn )
This beach is an institution! With beach games (clubs) for the little ones, a beach volleyball court for the grown-ups in season and a meeting place for teenage gangs in summer, it's also very popular with families. The relaxed atmosphere of a second home and the nonchalance of a seaside resort. Behind the beach, the shops await you: bistros, restaurants, ice-cream parlors and pretty clothing boutiques, with rides for the little ones to enjoy in their flip-flops. Much quieter in winter, you can still enjoy a hot chocolate at Memes Tra, the only café with a sea view, on the other side of the small coastal road, and take advantage of the few stores open all year round.

Le Men du in Carnac (8km-12mn)
Le Men du is ideal for young children, as they'll be able to walk around the spit of sand that leads to the small island of Stuhan and its transparent water (accessible on foot at low tide). A few rocks on the side, in short, everything to keep them happy! The modest size of this lovely beach makes it easy to keep an eye on, so you can relax too!

Les sables blancs in Plouharnel (7.7km-10mn)
Les sables blancs beach lies at the entrance to the Quiberon peninsula, whose bay is listed as one of the most beautiful in the world! It's a great spot for kitesurfing, whether you're a beginner or not, in an easterly wind. Crossing the isthmus to Quiberon is a Breton experience in its own right. Ocean on the left, ocean on the right, only the line of your road in the middle! In season, it's even ideal to take the tire bouchon - the train from Ploëmel - to get there. A change of scenery and, best of all, no traffic jams!

Plage de la jument à Quiberon (23km-31mn)
At the tip of Pointe du Conguel. This is one of Quiberon's wildest beaches, and not very popular even in summer (we usually stop off at Plage du Conguel, which is beautiful and right next to the parking lot). It offers a beautiful view of the neighboring islands and some of the islets nearby. The beach is bordered by low-lying dunes. On your way in or out, take a stroll along the wild side, not to be missed.

Locoal Mendon beach
Beach in the ria (a mixture of sea and freshwater), with a tiny bit of sand and otherwise pebbles. Very shallow, muddy bottom, but it's the beach to be alone or with a few locals, like a secret spot. Ideal for avoiding the crowds on August 15, or for trying out sub-paddle with the family! Entrance between the church and the crêperie, on the bend (9.2km, 12mn)
And many more, beaches in the Golfe du Morbihan (also one of the most beautiful bays in the world), Belle Ile, the large convex beach at Groix off Lorient...: leave us your impressions of your discoveries, and we'll add to our top ten..