Slow tourism trail in Dihan

Slow tourism itinerary

Our first source of well-being at Dihan is our site, a privileged enclave of greenery.
We've grown up here, given it a second life after our grandparents' farm, cleared it, reassembled it, and tried to respect it as much as possible.
To highlight its natural wealth and heritage, and to help people discover the strong identity of the region that thrills us, we've simply created a walk on our site.
You've heard of sports trails? Well, this is the opposite.
DOUSIK (which means "gently" in Breton) is a slow-down trail.
You can enjoy it one way or the other: there's no order or exhaustiveness to these little brackets in the site.

Discover our fauna and flora, learn or practice yoga or meditation on a terrace in the middle of the meadow, in front of the pond or on the pontoons on the water, learn to bathe in the forest, discover local artists, understand the keys to our landscape heritage by sitting on a bench under a hundred-year-old tree, let yourself be told the stories and legends of the Breton people who live at Dihan, discover what permaculture is all about...
These are just some of the keys to DOUSIK.

Stroll between the little houses in the meadow, stroll through the woods and stop often. Alone, in pairs, with your family.
It's time to take a break.

Our DOUSIK slow-motion circuit won a call for projects from ADEME (Agence de Développement de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie), supported by France Relance in 2023. Thank you for your support! 💚