Spa and massage in Morbihan

Le Spa By Dihan

The Spa By Dihan and its herbal tea room, open to the outside world, is decorated with care to create a gentle atmosphere. It is housed in the former stable of the farmhouse, a Breton longère built of cut stone. This granite and wood cocoon welcomes you in a zen atmosphere that inevitably has a taste of Brittany.

Our Hôtel de Cabanes and its creators have always had a taste for travel, and an awareness of the value of letting go. It's only natural, therefore, that a space dedicated to relaxation was born within it.
Operating privately (you can enjoy it alone, or with your other half, or your friends in the hammam or sauna), it allows you to treat yourself, or to offer that moment of parenthesis that we rarely take the time to grant ourselves. A break at the Spa de Dihan accentuates the breathing sensation you get when you sleep in a cabin or cottage in the middle of nowhere. Or to have an excuse to discover the estate, its Café lounge and its Slow tourism trail, before or after your treatment, when you're not sleeping at Dihan!

A sauna or hammam after a morning jog or a day out, a massage on the day of arrival, or the next morning, to relieve some of the stress and rhythm to which we are subjected... We'll be happy to help you relieve some tension, or simply allow you to take "a moment for yourself".

Our team welcomes you every day during DIHAN's opening periods, and can be booked by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone on 02 97 56 88 27.

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The sauna

Here, ideally in 3 trips back and forth between the sauna and the cold (or cool) shower, you'll enjoy dry heat of between 70 and 90 degrees, obtained by heating lava stones above the stove. The "first sauna" should last around ten minutes.

The current practice is to pour small ladles of water over the stones, according to your sensitivity. The heat deeply relaxes the body, and the skin pores open (vasodilatation) to evacuate accumulated toxins through healthy perspiration. Recognized for helping to combat stress and get the heart pumping, the sauna also contributes to a good night's sleep. Saunas also help muscle recovery after exercise.

Did you know?

Saunas, also known as Finnish baths, have been part of Nordic culture for 2,000 years. Inherited from the sweat lodges of prehistoric man, then of the Amerindians and peoples of Siberia, saunas were originally small cabins, erected before the house was even built. Dihan was bound to need one, since we built our first cabins long before our house and our welcome! Traditional Estonian and Finnish saunas are even listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Regularly enjoyed by family and friends, almost every home is equipped with one.


This wet steam bath is made of clear mosaic with an oriental feel, and can be used privately (you can enjoy it alone, as a couple or with friends).

It is reputed to relieve muscular tension, aches and pains linked to ligaments, and is therefore often used after a sports session. Its warmth decongests bronchial tubes and induces a state of relaxation conducive to sleep.

Beyond these properties, the hammam's ambience is particularly conducive to relaxation: it's a journey in itself.

Did you know?

The hammam, also known as the Moorish bath or Turkish bath by Europeans, has its origins in Roman terms and spread throughout the Ottoman Empire, North Africa and the Middle East, linking up with the traditions of Islam and cleanliness as a mystical approach. Its name comes from the Arabic word "Hamma", meaning to heat. They were originally public and had a strong socio-cultural function, comparable to what we would call today a "third place". The hammam is also the name of the place that contains it, and is often architecturally remarkable, varying from region to region and from period to period.


For a moment of relaxation that's the perfect complement to your escape into the natural surroundings of our Hotel de Cabanes, treat yourself to a non-therapeutic oil massage at the Spa by Dihan.

A gentle, relaxing environment, a masseuse who's particularly attentive to your needs and respectful of your sensibilities, for a sensory journey with subdued lighting and soft music, composed with you in mind: that's what we propose. Massage relieves pain and anxiety, stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin (a feeling of well-being), and reduces heart rate and blood pressure.

Taking time out for yourself is a luxury in today's fast-paced world...

Did you know?

Indian, Balinese, Chinese, Californian, Swedish, Hawaiian.... Massage is part of every culture in the world. Traditionally linked to various medical practices, and part of a healthy lifestyle for certain populations, it has been used to heal, relieve and circulate energies since time immemorial. Even Freud, before he went all psychoanalytical, used to massage his patients' hands. Today, it is also used to treat paralysis or damaged tissue.
In some Asian and African countries, massaging children is as much a part of caring for them as feeding or washing them.