Tree houses in Brittany

Spend a night in a tree and live your childhood dream!

Perched cabins

Sleep in the trees with your partner, family or even friends? Adventure guaranteed at our Treehouse Hotel. Spend a night perched high up in a simple tree house, with the promise of getting in tune with nature.
A memory you won't soon forget...

Lov nest

This round, all-wood treehouse is dedicated to romance. A large 2m round bed for cocooning inside an all-white sphere, portholes overlooking nature and a zenithal opening onto the stars will make your lov'nid a real cocoon for sleeping in love in the trees.

Cabane Luxe Spa

A cabin in Brittany with all the luxuries of space and nature, tea snuggled up under a plaid as the mist rises over the countryside, the feel of the wood beneath your feet as you gather the first ray of sunshine, stepping into the hot water of the jacuzzi with a cup in hand... A dream of a night in a tree.

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Sleeping perched in the trees in Brittany

At Dihan, a small treehouse hotel in Brittany offering unusual accommodation close to the sea, you'll discover three different ways to sleep in the trees: a perched treehouse for a glamping night in the treetops for two, a family or even a group of friends, a lov'nid for an unusual, natural night as a lover's cocoon, or a Spa treehouse to enjoy luxury from a great height!
And why not try all three! At Dihan, there's a cabin for every occasion...

These wooden constructions, always equipped with a beautiful terrace, are adapted to each visitor's needs: staircase, monkey bridge or even semi-rigid ladder with harness for sports enthusiasts! From the simplest to the most luxurious, the experience of Brittany from above is not to be missed.

You've come to the right place if you want to have breakfast on a pulley, eat it among the birds, dine under the stars, or even toast to a spa in the air!

Welcome to Dihan for a Pause perchée.

Your stay in Dihan

Dihan was one of the very first places in France to welcome guests in the branches. A precursor of the tree house, it was also with a commitment to sustainability that the estate was born from the old family farm. Our construction methods are adapted to the growth of our hundred-year-old trees, which are our precious heritage.

Sleeping in a tree is an experience like no other, and while primitive peoples such as the Korowai in Papua did it to protect themselves from natural dangers and spirits, at Dihan we're reclaiming a childhood dream!

Who hasn't dreamed of a cabin as a child? Wood and nails or a sheet between 4 chairs, it's simply a place where you can hide away, take your time, cultivate secrecy and observe nature. Sleeping in the trees is no trivial matter, and our guests leave with a real souvenir, a story to tell.

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