Discover Dihan

Welcome to Dihan, unusual accommodation in Southern Brittany

In the Morbihan region, at the crossroads of major sites: Quiberon bay, Etel ria, Carnac beaches & megaliths, Morbihan gulf, ..

The ecolodge, which grew out of the old family farm, offers LODGES and CHALETS & SPAS NORDIQUES, in the middle of the meadow and its animals! The ideal place to take time out with the family, disconnect with colleagues, forget about the car, enjoy a breath of fresh air and beautiful waves, and enjoy a Finnish bath under the stars...

You don't have to go far to get away from it all! Our small team welcomes you for a break, to offer you a Breton-style trip.

Dihan? In Breton, it means pause. And that's just what we'd like to offer you.

Cabin hotel

The DIHAN spirit

How about taking the time to slow down?

Dihan, in Breton, means "pause".

For a brief interlude listening to the birdsong, happiness could be as simple as taking a dip in the forest.
Unwind with your lover or your family. Stretch out under a tree and let the kids run around in the meadow. Take a dip in the wooden pool. Stroll along the terrace of the café lounge. Meditate under the starry night sky.

Close your eyes, you're in Dihan...

A hotel of cabins, with meaning and history, where nature serves as a landmark. All just a stone's throw from the sea.