Tourism in Brittany: Erdeven and its dunes

Dunes and ocean, islands and river: from Erdeven to the Ria d'Etel

Distances: total distance 34.5 km/57 mn

Dihan-Kerhilio 9.1km/14mn

Kerhilio-Etel 8.5km/14mn

Etel-Saint Cado 5.9km/12mn

Saint-Cado-Ploëmel 11km/17mnk

This is one of Dihan's favorite walks in Morbihan, and fits in well with the slightly offbeat, off-the-beaten-track spirit of our unusual accommodations in Brittany.

It combines the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean beaches with the meandering Etel River.

Leave Dihan towards Erdeven (on the left as you leave our street).

After passing the Rendez-vous des chasseurs, turn left at the first traffic circle towards La route de Kerhiennic-Crucuno.

You can stop for a poetic stroll through the Breton undergrowth at the Crucuno cromlech (site signposted on your right), then continue on to the alignments of La chaise César. Discovering the megaliths in this somewhat mysterious setting, much more modest than Carnac, is a real feast for the imagination! The korrigans (mischievous Breton elves) are not far away.

5 to 15 minutes depending on age!

You can also extend the loop to the Erdeven menhirs for a hike (see link below).

Once back on the road, admire the Crucuno dolmen a little further on the left.

Then continue straight ahead at the 4 chemins roundabout (open-air flea market on your right in summer), boulevarde de l'Atlantique, as far as Kerhilio beach.

Take the small coastal road along the superb, protected dune site, and take a break either at the main beach, where you can swim in the waves or admire the kite surfers on windy days, or at the following access points, each with its own charm. It's also a great place to walk.

Continue along this coastal road to Etel, a former tuna fishing port where the river meets the sea. If you're hungry :

Le Bistrot du thon illustrates the history of the village in 80 tuna recipes from around the world, to be enjoyed side by side with other customers (6 Ruelle Quais. 02 97 55 32 50)

Le chat qui pêche, great resto-bistro (2 cours des quais)

Ché Luz, brocante oyster bar in a really cool and original setting, with an offbeat DJ outside on certain summer evenings (1 Cours des Quais 02 97 56 75 78/06 10 77 70 53).

Exit Etel towards Belz. At the Pont Lorois roundabout in Belz (overlooking the river and islets), turn right towards the town center. Look for Saint Cado on the left. A typically Breton panorama between the little house in the middle of the water at Nichtarguer, and the islet of Saint Cado, reached by a stone bridge (the story of its legend can be found in the chapel...) This part of the ria d'Etel is also an ideal spot for sub-paddle stand-up paddling. One of our favorite spots in South Morbihan

To eat or have a drink, we recommend Algues Marines (8 place Pen Er Pont. 02 97 55 33 30): local atmosphere, simplicity, seafood and a view of the river. On the terrace, you can eat in a boat (which children love!)..

Return to Dihan to find your tree house, yurt, caravan, Lapland chalet, suspended bubble tent or chambre d'hôte and tell us what you thought of your outing!