Tourism in Brittany: the historic city of Vannes

Discover the many facets of Vannes, a city of art and history

How to get there: 25.1km/25mn

Eat a crêpe on the port. We also like the Café A l'aise Breizh (02 97 68 15 89 -4 rue du commerce, above the harbor master's office - for the atmosphere of its terrace above the boat masts. Original children's playground next door.

Take a stroll through the old town of Vannes to discover the inner city. Don't forget to look up "Vannes et sa femme" - a 16th-century sign: it's the town's must-see treasure hunt! Further uptown, our favorite crêperie is Buddy Breizh (8 rue Thomas de Closmadeuc, 56000 Vannes, 02 97 54 10 50): fresh, Breton and organic products. Tell them you've come from Dihan! For a more medieval-style crêperie in the ramparts, choose La crêperie de la Tour Trompette (4 venelle de la Tour Trompette For a light lunch on the go, La Carotte, soups and juice bar (15 place Valencia). For a cosy tête-à-tête in a crepe/tea room atmosphere, don't hesitate to visit L'Atelier (7 rue Noe - the little street that runs down in front of the Musée de la Cohue, 02 97 01 34 68) or the Musée de la Cohue (place Saint Pierre, 02 97 01 63 00).

And don't forget to stroll hand-in-hand along the town's ramparts!

Push on to Conleau, gateway to the Golfe du Morbihan, with its seawater swimming pool and departures for the Ile d'Arz....To enjoy seafood, Le café de Conleau brasserie version or the more sophisticated Roof (same establishment - 02 97 63 47 47) or La Guinguette de Conleau, a former bonbonnière with unique charm (02 97 26 25 68).

The town of Vannes offers many events to see: in April, the Festival de la Photo de Mer(, in July, Les Fêtes Historiques(, mid-August, Les Fêtes d'Arvor(

For nature and bird lovers, you can go as far as Séné (just after Vannes): a nature reserve that allows you to discover the fauna and flora of the marshes in an atypical landscape. Excellent birdwatching facilities(