Tourism in Brittany: discover Belle île

The Morbihan islands: a trip to Belle île-Houat-Hoëdic

To get there: 23.6 km/33mn to the Quiberon ferry terminal + crossing

- Belle île crossing: 30 to 45 min. depending on boat chosen (see link below)

- Houat or Hoëdic crossing: 45 min

Compagnie Océane (08 20 05 61 56 -
or 20 mn by helicopter ! Air link (02 97 44 68 21 -

A beautiful island in the sea (yes, the one in the song!), this aptly-named island offers a wide range of magnificent sites: Sauzon, la pointe des Poulains, Sarah Bernhard's fort, plage du Donnant, les Aiguilles de Port-coton. But be warned: it's big (9km by 20km: the largest of the Breton islands) and hilly, so a day's cycling isn't enough, even for the most athletic! Don't hesitate to stay a little longer, or rent a car or scooter.

Houat 3.3km by 1.5. Saint Gildas with its colorful boats and traps, fishing, golden sandy beaches (including the extremely rare convex beach at Pointe d'En Tal), cliffs and turquoise waters, and lots of nature. Sea, calm and pleasure!

Hoëdic is 2.5km long and 1km wide, with the charm of a small corner of the world. 150 inhabitants, most of them fishing families... Small coves, a landscape of moorland and sea, just as we like them in Morbihan. A few shops (especially Chez Jean-Paul, restaurant-library-Le bourg, 02 97 57 42 26), but no ATMs and, above all, no cars! (a real HAPPINESS for nature lovers and families with children!)