Tourism in Brittany: the Golf du Morbihan and its megaliths

The most beautiful bays in the world 1: the Golfe du Morbihan and its megalithic mysteries (from Locmariaquer)

How to get there: via La Trinité sur mer

18.5 km/ 28mn + boat to Gavrinis (15mn)

Dihan/La Trinité sur mer: 9.6km/14mn

La Trinité sur mer / Locmariaquer: 8.9km/14mn

Turn right out of Dihan. Follow signs for Carnac, first right. Turn left at the Purgatoire roundabout, which cuts off from the Quiberon road (unless you want to go on to Carnac first - see Carnac La Trinité walk, in which case you'll reach La Trinité/mer via the coastal road). Exit to the right towards La Trinité sur mer. At the end of the harbor, take the Kerisper bridge, then head for Locmariaquer.

Here, take a look at the astonishing broken menhir and the Kerpenhir point, which offers a magnificent view of the ocean and the Gulf of Morbihan: the island of Méaban, Houat, Hoëdic, the Rhuys peninsula and Port Navalo. In Locmariaquer you'll find the landing stage for the boat to Gavrinis island (see link below), where the cairn and its sculpted stones are well worth a visit, as is the unique panoramic view over the Golfe du Morbihan.

You can return to Dihan by retracing your steps, or by heading back via Auray (Cf. Balade Auray-Le Bono) before returning to enjoy the Spa wellness area, a gourmet hamper and your unusual Morbihan accommodation.

The most beautiful bays in the world 2: the islands of the Golfe du Morbihan

There are several ways to discover the islands of the Gulf:

Without taking the boat, or almost! The island of Berder.
To get there: 30.7 km/ 32mn
Turn right out of Dihan, then through the town in the direction of Auray. At the 4-lane roundabout, follow signs for Vannes. Take the Ploeren/Arradon/Larmor Baden exit. Follow Larmor Baden until you see signs for Berder.

This 23-hectare island lends itself to a pleasant stroll in a postcard-postcard 1930s atmosphere amidst maritime pines. Although the island no longer belongs to the Yves Rocher group, which leased it to a social tourism association until 2013, it remains open to visitors... If I say "almost" accessible without a boat, it's because Berder is only accessible on foot according to the tides. That's what makes it so much fun, but beware of timetables!

Beware! there are no more ferrymen.

Ideal spot for kayaking and sub paddling (not for beginners, as currents are stronger at the entrance and on the tip of the island). Opposite the entrance to the island, a restaurant/café has sprung up: great views and an ideal spot for sunbathing-we haven't tried it yet! La Folie Berder (53 rue de Berder-56 870 Larmor-Baden 02 97 29 11 02

L'île aux moines: discover Morbihan's gentle way of life by bike.
To get there: 29.2 km/ 29mn + 5mn boat crossing (departure every 15 mn)
Leaving Dihan, turn right into the village, direction Auray. At the 4-way roundabout, follow signs for Vannes. Take the Ploeren/Arradon/Larmor Baden exit.

Then follow signs for Baden, Port Blanc, Ile aux moines.
You can pass them on the boat, or rent them on arrival at the port. In our opinion, this is the best way to discover the fifteen kilometers of coastal paths around the island.

This Morbihan island is 7 km long and 3.5 km wide, with a surface area of 310 ha. It is shaped like a cross, and no point on the island is more than 450 m from the sea. It once belonged to monks, but they never inhabited it. One of these points is protected for its Mediterranean landscape.

Anecdotally, on this island, girls have always had the right to choose their husbands: women were indeed the backbone of the island's economy, as most of the men were ocean-going sailors..

It really is the ideal island for a cycling trip during a romantic getaway or a family vacation (carts can also be hired from Dihan or on site)

Old-rigger cruises on the Golfe du Morbihan: old-world charm and Zen rhythm

Another superb way to see the Golfe du Morbihan from the sea, and one of our "favorites", is to embark with Nicolas Bourdy aboard his old Fal Ben rig. A special moment in your nature holiday in Dihan.

Contact Belle plaisance, Nicolas Bourdy (24, chemin de Gravellic - 56610 ARRADON - Tel. 02 97 44 80 91-

Tour the Gulf of Morbihan by boat to see almost everything.

For example, depart from Larmor Baden with Izenah - Golfe Croisières (Port Blanc 56870 Larmor-Baden 02 97 26 31 45)
To get there: 29.2 km/ 29mn + boat crossing depending on tour choice.
On leaving Dihan, turn right, then in the village towards Auray. At the 4-lane roundabout, follow signs for Vannes. Take the Ploeren/Arradon/Larmor Baden exit.

Then follow signs for Baden, Port Blanc. Pier at Port Blanc.

But different companies offer different types of cruises, with or without a stop on an island, and different departure points depending on the time of year (Larmor Baden, Locmariaquer, Vannes, Auray...). Port Navalo on the Rhuys peninsula is further from Dihan, especially in summer traffic). Here are the links to help you make your choice:

Discover the Gulf of Morbihan on foot: a hiker's paradise.

180 km of walks for lovers of the Gulf of Morbihan. You can choose a hike for each day of your stay in Dihan, in atypical accommodations or charming B&Bs. If you opt for this option, you'll be sure to enjoy the Spa By Dihan, our wellness area with sauna, hammam and herbal tea room, and a warm gourmet basket on your return to keep you on the move! This grand tour and its parts are described here: http: //